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The Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist for Brides & Grooms

You’re getting married! It is one of the most special days of your life. You will soon be declaring to friends and family that you have found the person that you want to spend your life with. Naturally, you want everything to be perfect, and you will want your wedding photos to capture all these amazing moments.

Photos of Bride & GroomThere are so many decisions to be made when choosing a photographer. Remember, you get what you pay for, so it may be better to pay for a professional to make sure you have best memories of one of the most important days of your life.

Here is a wedding photography checklist to make things just a little easier for you, provided by George Street Photography in Chicago

1. When you are looking for a photographer, make sure that you see some of their previous work. Is it done in the style that you want? Are they able to manage a range of locations and lighting/weather conditions?

2. Do they have other equipment as a backup in case something unexpected happens?

3. Are they good at organizing large groups of people? Getting everyone together for a photo at the same time is not always an easy task.

4. Do they have good insurance in case of mishaps?

5. Does the photographer have a colleague who can cover them if they get sick? If the photographer hired gets sick, you want to make sure that somebody can step in and take over as smoothly as possible.

6. Locations to be covered need to be discussed well beforehand, so there is no miscommunication.

7. How many photos will you get in the end? Will you see proofs that can be approved? When you have decided on which pictures you want, will you get them in an album, on CD or loose, etc.

8. Be sure to find out when you receive the photos. You don’t want to wait for months on end before you can show your family and friends the memories of your big day.

9. Budget is a huge consideration when you are planning wedding photos, and you need to make sure that you agree on price and payment terms. You do not want any nasty surprises further down the line.

10. The mention of contracts can drive an already busy bride or groom to distraction, but they are an necessity. Remember to read the contract carefully and then negotiate if you need to.

This is a minimal wedding day checklist which will hopefully help you enjoy your day and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Remember, find a photographer who understands what you want, let them guide you and you will end up with beautiful memories of what is a magical day.