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What photographers inspired and motivated


According to the market research so many images photographs in the last two years, as overall since the invention of photography in the year of 2011 smartphones, digital mass storage, social networking and photo apps contribute a substantial part to this flood of images without question. According to quirk’s Facebook post in the year 2013 users 300 million images per day.

Discontinued model digital camera: half a million people want a digital camera

But what will be photographed? The snap Safari resorts increasingly to the Smartphone. Statista there were about 4.88 million people who plan to buy a digital camera or digital SLR camera in 2010 in the American population from 14 to 69 years old. In 2013, nearly half a million people were less expressed this wish to 4.3 million people!

Photography Survey: Canon and Nikon the nose front with amateur photographers

Some newspaper acknowledged a fierce fight the camera market and headlined at the beginning of the year “Only three manufacturers will survive”. At amateur photographers, the preference for “the main camera” also focuses on a few brands.
When asked after the first camera digital SLR (DSLR) camera of 92% will secure the lion’s share precisely. The question Canon with over 57% has followed after the main camera brand nose front, Nikon 21% in popularity. Fujifilm, Pentax, Olympus and Sony share the remaining 22%. Old classics such as Leica or the premium upper class such as Hasselblad played no real role in the responses according to the main camera. But to notice remains: it was asked only to the main camera. The handy secondary camera is not always the DSLR.

Relaxation in RAW: Why shoot the American amateur photographers?

Why photograph the American photographers like? “Photographing and tinker for relaxes me, me to distract, calls my creativity and has some meditative”, is one of the justifications of the photographers. But also “memories and emotions to archive” is named as the reason for the photography. Photographed is mainly in manual mode (62%) or the aperture priority mode (27%). As storage format sets the hobby photographer and the amateur photographer worth on scope and shoots RAW and JPG (50%) in the dual mode. 45% shoot exclusively in RAW.

Inspiration photo blogs and photo magazines

63.6% regularly read photo blogs or photo magazines. The photo magazines are increasingly titles such as called digital photography, the magazine of photography, photo forum or also the community photography magazine.

Lightroom, Photoshop and GIMP image editing

A photograph is learning fast every amateur photographer pays increased attention also subsequent processing. 95% of users edit their photos after the photo session. The editing has his reason. 81% of respondents like to show their images in online communities? Contrary to classical social community statistics Google + is winning here. 36% use Google + as a showroom for their works. The platform for called with 14% and is thus just like But the images appear like also on or Facebook (11% each).